Can You Detox Your Horse?

Human detox is en vogue: We are aching for purity and genuineness because our world has become toxic and very artificial. Does this affect our horses? They also benefit from a close look at their system. Apart from a natural grooming routine, what else is there that could help your horse to stay healthy?

No detox needed in a natural environment - it's a different story with domesticated animals

The metabolism of mammals is literally a waste disposing machine. Waste products are always present, and the body must get rid of them. This waste contains decomposed hormones or defective hemoglobin, for example. Our bodies are built to permanently discharge toxins in order to keep the system healthy — the natural detox occurs. This process is very complex and involves a variety of organs.


  • The Immune System: Detects and alters exogenous substances.

  • The liver: A “chemical laboratory" that converts substances.

  • The kidneys: The “waste disposal-system:“ they dispose of water-soluble substances, while fat-soluble agents are partly excreted via the bile-fluids or sebaceous glands.

An additional stress factor for our horse’s system is the process of domestication. Our pastures no longer provide all the necessary nutrients, ingested whilst foraging for hours through the wilderness — the horses cannot find healthy herbs (natures pharmacy…) and their natural active ingredients.

Over the past 50 years, our pastures have become terribly dreary, and even if horses are allowed to spend hours in the field, they simply can’t provide all the necessary nutrients anymore.

You should take all these factors into consideration when you are buying your next set of grooming products.

So, what are the advantages of using only natural horse care products?

The more natural, the better. Simple as that. High-quality natural products will help you to keep your horse healthy and protect yourself and our environment.

But it’s not only important to take good care from the outside, what you feed you horse is just as important. Get good, natural feed for your horse, provide nutrients and keep it in a natural environment. If you provide that, your product detox will be a success and your horse will be healthy and happy for a long time.

Our Conclusion: All living beings benefit from the use of natural care products: You, your horse and all the other lovely creatures here.

We will be back with more next week.

Talk to you soon, Nicole

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